Saturday, January 7, 2012

Transition to Studio Dragonfly

Wow, only a week in and the year is already getting away from me! I realized I was in trouble when some of my favorite blogs started posting their first finished projects for 2012. What!? Today is the first day I've sewn a stitch in the new year.

As many of you know, my brick and mortar quilt shop, Dragonfly Quilt Shop, closed at the end of 2011. It's been a long process of unpacking and organizing paperwork and products from the shop. I'm starting to see the light now so it won't be long until I have more time to sew and blog. Next week I'll get my etsy shop set up to continue selling fabric, books, patterns and more.

One of the samples that hung at Dragonfly Quilt Shop is this cute banner. I blogged about the making of it here.

It needed a bit of a revamp for me to continue using it. First, I unsewed the letters QUILT SHOP from the ribbon.

Then, I rearranged the letters.

Don't you like how the upper case P turned into a lower case d? I thought I was going to have to make a letter D for the word STUDIO until I saw how easily the letter P could be re-purposed. Don't know what I will do with the leftover Q, L, and H. They will just have to go in the orphan block pile for now.

The original project had all the letters on one long ribbon. I realized just in time that I did not have a wall long enough to hold one continuous ribbon. Each word hangs on its own ribbon and is attached to the wall with tiny applique pins in the upper corner of the first and last letter of each word. 

This is the official start of Studio Dragonfly for the new year. I am so happy to be both sewing and blogging and look forward to much, much more for the rest of 2012. 

Happy New Year!


  1. Welcome to 2012 and to Studio Dragonfly!!! Cant wait to see what you get into!!!

  2. Happy 2012! Love the banner and look forward to following your exploits thru the year!


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