Thursday, December 22, 2011

Two Projects Finished Just In Time

My family will be here tomorrow for the first of our Christmas celebrations. Their handmade gifts couldn't wait until Christmas Day and I am happy to have just finished them. This initial pillowcase is for my 11-year-old niece. It was fast and fun to make and it should go nicely with her new, more grown up room. There is an initial on each side of the cuff.

Once I had the pillowcase made, I couldn't resist adding a bag to go with it. This bag was made from a fusible SmartBag pattern.  The pattern lines and instructions are printed on fusible interfacing. Just iron fabric onto the fusible panel and follow the instructions. It takes two fat quarters and goes together very quickly.

The pillowcase slides right into the bag.

Her gift is ready to go.

This wall hanging is for my mom. She made the cross-stitch and I made the quilt blocks. I think it's a great collaborative project.
I don't know how she'll want to use them so I put it together with options. The ribbon holding them together is held on with a safety pin. She might display them together or she might want to take them apart and display them one at a time.  I also left a loop in the ribbon so if she doesn't like the little hanger, she can just pin it up by the ribbon.

There is extra ribbon at the bottom.

Yeah, I know there are four seasons, but I was only able to finish three for now. I had promised myself that I would not give any unfinished gifts this year. I'm considering this one finished. The missing season will make a great Mother's Day gift.

Now that the handmade gifts are finished, I'm ready to spend a few days with the family.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Love the wall hanging! How terrific it is that you combined your Mother's handwork with yours! It is something that will become a family heirloom! H


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