Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Charity Quilt with Mom

A while back my mom cleaned out her hobby room and several of her quilt tops came home with me to finish. I'm slowly working through them. This was a quick fat quarter pattern that made a nice scrappy lap quilt.

I used a pink thread on both the front and back for the quilting and did an all over free motion flower design.

The backing is a solid pink Kona from my stash. I don't know the official color name for this one. This picture shows the color a bit stronger than it really is. This next picture is closer to the real thing.

It was not quite wide enough for the quilt so I added a row of teal squares down the center.

The finished quilt is about fifty inches square.

You can see the quilting motif a little better here as well as the solid blue binding.

Here is another attempt to capture the quilting design. All of the pictures were taken after the quilt was washed. I like the cozy, crinkly result but you really lose the distinctness of the quilting after washing for this quilt.

I left this quilt with mom last night. She is thinking about what she will do with it. It may end up in her church nursery, and she might keep it home for a while to cover up with while she is reading. I'm thankful for the quilting practice when she passes on quilt tops for me to finish. It's nice to have projects with no deadline, no rules, and no pressure, even though all of my quilts are really that way. Any deadlines, rules, or pressure are self imposed. Perhaps there is a lesson for me to learn here!

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