Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Crazy Plaid Quilt

This bright and cheerful quilt was made in collaboration with the amazing stitchers and quilters that are part of the Believe Circle of do Good Stitches. It was my turn as quilter in May and I was inspired by a black, gray, and white buffalo plaid quilt that featured a small black square on the white.

Rather than go with the traditional three color plaid, I asked for very dark for black, very bright for gray, and white for white. The small black square floats to different corners of the white square for each block.

When I saw how bright the quilt top was, I knew the quilting needed to be just as bright and fun.

I had this rainbow thread in my stash. It has no markings of any kind on the spool so I don't know the brand, the weight, or anything else about it. The colors were perfect for this quilt and I was happy to have found a use for it.

The backing was not quite wide enough so I added a strip of bright squares down the center.

The quilting looks graffiti like on the back. How fun!

I tried several designs while deciding how I wanted to quilt this project. Each dark square has a big spiral, each bright square has large pebbles, and then each white square features a different design. Having to pause and think of a design each time I encountered a white square was my favorite part of this project. I thought I would go back and redo the quilting that was part of my experimentation but in the end it was such a variety, I left it just the way it was, so there are a few blocks that do not follow the overall quilting design. I kind of like having a few rebel blocks in the quilt.

The binding is an older Baby Genius print (from 2007 I think). It makes a fun, multi-colored binding.

This quilt will be on its way to My Very Own Blanket soon to be given to a foster child who may need a little something special of their own.
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