Monday, August 28, 2017

Stack and Slash Poinsettias - A Finished Quilt

This little project was a filler between some of the bigger quilts I have been working on. The wedges for the blocks were given to me by my mom, who decided after trying one that these were going to be way too much work to make in a way that would result in a remotely flat block. She was right; accuracy is a must here, and you will see shortly that some of mine are not as flat as they ought to be.

This was a fun little quilt to make. There were twelve blocks in the kit, but I loved featuring the center poinsettia and the three that were left out were kind of boring. I did save one of them to possibly turn into a pot holder.

The fun part was free motion quilting the blocks. I used a light backing fabric on purpose so that the quilting would stand out. Not because the quilting would be great but because it would help me see what it really looks like and show me areas where I needed more practice. The quilt is small, finishing at 27 inches square. That made it super easy to maneuver under the sewing machine. It looks like I took a black ink pin and scribbled all over the backing.

This was my favorite. The secondary design was a nice surprise.

Quilting black thread on black fabric is not easy. Thankfully, none of the awkward scribbling effect is noticeable on the front. I think the loops in the corners look like some sort of electrical connection.

This quilt was washed prior to this photo shoot, so it's a bit crinkly.

Here's a close up of my favorite block. All that circle quilting pushed the extra bulk toward the center. It really puffs up.

You can see it much better at an angle. I should trapunto it so it looks more intentional. There are a couple of other blocks with a little poof but this one was the most extreme.

I had this pretty binding fabric in my stash. It finished off the quilt nicely. The only regret I have is that the cut wedges did not come with a larger piece of the fabric. I would love to know the full design on the original fabric.

I'll be taking this quilt right back to where it came. My mom's. I was thinking it would look nice laying over the back of her sofa. I'm sure she will be able to find a home for it when the holiday season rolls around.
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