Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Front Room Redo In Progress

While the mini-redo of the front room is not going as quickly as I had hoped, there has been some progress. The cedar chest has gone from this...

to this...


The top of the throw is finished. It is a simple, contemporary top. Coordinating solids were selected to play with the Tilly fat quarters. I didn't have any solid green that worked so subtle tone on tone prints were used as a substitute. All were cut into 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" rectangles.


The rectangles were arranged on the design floor with an eye toward random.


Rows were stacked and sewn. I *thought* I was smart enough to keep them in order without any extra markers but after making obvious mistakes in the first three rows, I started using pins to keep up with the top and bottom of each rectangle. That made the rest of the top go together easily.


My original plan was to use a piece of flannel for the backing and not use any batting at all. I want something cozy yet not heavy. However, the flannel I have is very inexpensive and already looks yucky after the first washing. The fabric on the front is high quality and deserves a better backing. I'm going to think about a solution for a few days. Layer it as a traditional quilt, get better flannel, or something else?

There's still a pillow to be made for the room. I'm inspired by this picture

from this book.

I'd like to use the Tilly scraps with a single solid color to make a gently curving pillow. I'm going to steal the form from a Christmas pillow so that it can be used year round. It's a homemade form and is probably 12" x 20". I think the curves in the pillow will complement the straight lines of the throw. We'll see soon enough.

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