Monday, January 10, 2011

A snow day is a sew day

Life has a way of giving you an intermission. In Georgia, it comes in the form of a snow day. The kids were out of school today and will be out tomorrow, too. We measured seven inches. I like the unexpected break, but I'm hoping things will start returning to normal on Wednesday.

I took advantage of the day and finished a UFO. This wasn't my UFO, but one that belonged to my husband, Duane. Last year, he took the First Time Quilt Making class at the shop. He wanted to have a better feel for what all the quilting fuss was about. Robin Cook teaches all of our first time quilters, and does a great job of leading her students to a love of making quilts. In class, he selected fabric, cut, pieced, and quilted his project. At home, we worked together on a label. The only thing left to do was the binding.

Somewhere along the way Duane decided that he didn't like the quilt. He thought there was too much white. Every time I asked, he said he would finish it, but it continued to sit. Nine months later, I decided to help him out. I still like the quilt, and I'm sure his mom will too.

Duane wrote a message to his mom for the label and I stitched it in thread on some white fabric. The fabric was a square that I folded on the diagonal and stitched into the binding. It's easy to do and makes a nice pocket on the back for care instructions or a special letter to the recipient.

I'm looking forward to another snow/sew day tomorrow.

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