Friday, January 14, 2011

My Sewing Space

Here's a quick look at my sewing space from afar. It usually isn't this messy. Really, it isn't. I'll get in there and share more details when it's cleaner. I tend to let it get a little messier than this, then the world has to stop spinning until I clean it up. It's the bonus room over the garage; we fondly refer to it as "the orange room". It serves many purposes. In the back right is where Duane services sewing machines. My work table, sewing machine, and ironing space are just in front of that. The sewing machine is right under the sky light and it's perfect for daytime sewing. The back left houses my stash. In front of my stash is a computer area where you can generally find one of my kids playing computer games. In front of that is the dog sofa. It's the only piece of furniture in the house he's allowed on and it's his favorite spot. In front of my sewing area is a small television. It is not unusual for the entire family to be in this room for one form of entertainment or another.

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