Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fun at Work and Play

From the work side of life...

The classroom was busy all day Friday and Saturday while Susan Brubaker Knapp taught two workshops. We were thrilled she made time for us in her busy schedule. On Friday, she taught Start with a Photo and on Saturday she taught Thread Sketching. Though I was not a student in the workshops, I was at the shop working part of each day. Susan brought lots of her quilts with her and it was a great opportunity to see her work up close. Most of the class pictures shown here were taken by Susan (Thanks for sharing!).

From the play side of life...

I spent a good part of my weekend transporting teenagers to events associated with the University of Georgia's Janfest. This is an awesome music festival for high school students in Georgia and surrounding states. It gives young musicians audition experience, clinic instruction, and participation in an honor band or clinic band. Evan, my 17-year-old, and several of his friends participated. Somehow my camera didn't make its way to any of the band events but was with me during some of the waiting. My two younger children decided it would be fun to pose on rocks that were spread around the parking lot while we waited. Those crazy kids.

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