Friday, January 7, 2011


Even with all the new samples that were revealed at the shop this week, there are still a few projects hovering around my sewing machine that did not get finished. One of them is this cute hat pattern by Sew Baby.

As you can see by the pattern cover, there are lots of options in this pattern. There are also lots of sizes for each one. I thought it would be "kids hat - ones size fits most", but instead, there are five different sizes for each hat style to fit a newborn up to a size 10. So think about it...that many hats times that many sizes...makes for about a million pattern pieces. It was sort of like playing a Where's Waldo game to find the right ones, but I conquered the pattern tissue and found what I needed. It really is pretty awesome to include so much in one little pattern, so I didn't mind sorting through the options. My goal for the afternoon was to make the girl's tulip hat and the boy's engineer hat. I decided to go for a smaller size and make both of them in size 2T.

The girl's hat has six petals and it was oh so tempting to do every other one in a different fabric (it would also be great to do in scraps). I resisted because, even though I didn't see that it said this hat is reversible, I think it will be (and it was!).

Here's the closest model to a size 2T that we have living at home. Both of the hats were very easy to make. The instructions were clear and I love the results. The only tricky part was pressing them because of all the curves and dimension. The easiest way to do the pressing is with a ham or a rolled up towel. The other thing to keep in mind if you want a reversible hat is to be sure to sew neatly and carefully when you close the hole used for turning the hat right side out.

If you make children's clothes, just get an extra 1/3 yard and you'll have enough to make a matching hat!

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