Friday, February 1, 2013

Quilting Practice - Leaves

Quilting practice continues with an attempt to quilt leaves. The quilting designs are getting more challenging as I go. This one was mostly a challenge of memory motor skills. Some of the leaves would develop with ease while others evolved with many awkward starts and stops as I figured out where I wanted to go.

I enjoyed practicing on this block since there was lots of quilting real estate. I was able to both intentionally and unintentionally play around with the size of my leaves. There isn't a "real" project lined up for this quilting design yet. This one will require a little more practice before fully diving in.

Three of the twenty blocks I made last year as part of Craftsy's block of the month class are now quilted. My plan is to bind them separately and hang them as a group. I have a vision of all twenty blocks hanging together to make the appearance of a "quilt" while they remain as twenty separate pieces. The vision and the reality don't always come together, and we'll just have to see how this one evolves.

Paisleys are next on the practice list. They are similar to the leaves except they don't have points. They just *might* be a little easier.

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