Sunday, February 17, 2013

How Many Dragonflies Home Tour


It's no secret that I love dragonflies. This little tour of the dragonflies around my home offers plenty of confirmation of that fact. After I finished taking all these pictures, we had a little contest at home. How many dragonflies are there around our house? The votes look like this:
Duane - 21
Erica - 25
Thomas - 20
Adam - 23 (revising that from his original answer of 15)
Let's take the tour, then I'll reveal the answer!

Our front porch welcomes you with a dragonfly welcome sign and wind chimes.

The room closest to the front door is the dining room turned office. There's a lamp, light switch, and decorative tile. The tile is really intended as an outdoor decoration; the dragonfly on it glows in the dark. 

There is also some pottery in the office. Two of the pieces feature dragonflies. I love pottery, especially "happy" pottery that has lots of color and whimsical designs.

The kitchen is next to the office and seems to be a little short in the dragonfly department. There's a refrigerator magnet, a perpetual calendar, and the hanger that holds the calendar.

The living room more than makes up for the shortage in the kitchen. They are all over the place in there. That's where my youngest son was when he started asking, "Does the one on top of the bottle count?"
"Does the one on the mug count?"
"Can I change my number?"

 More from the living room. These are all sitting on a bookshelf.

Off the living room is a hall with lots of doors and not much wall space. But where there is wall space, there are dragonflies!

The master bedroom and bath are off that hall. There are just a few in those rooms. The rest are in my sewing room upstairs.

It only makes sense that the room where I spend the most time would be well populated with dragonflies.

The fun thing is that most of these were gifted to me over the years. I enjoy thinking about the kind and generous friends who gave these to me. So, how many are there? There are 34 far. It will be fun to watch the collection continue to grow. There can never be too many dragonflies!

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