Sunday, February 10, 2013

Old Family Quilts

There aren't very many quilts in my family. My mom is one of three girls so the quilts were divided among them when my grandmother passed away. I'm very fortunate to have two of them, though I'm not even sure who made them. It was either my grandmother, Ruby Frances, or my great grandmother, Eunice. It could have even been both of them; my grandfather died young and my grandmother and great grandmother shared a home throughout my life. Neither had a love for quilting though. These were made out of need. Anytime I would try to ask my grandmother about quilting she wouldn't have much to say. She was a very shy and quiet woman who would always dismiss any suggestion that something she made was good or beautiful.

The pink quilt appears to have enjoyed a full life with a daily dose of sunshine on the bottom right quadrant. That whole area of the quilt is very faded.

Today, this quilt spends its days in this cradle that was made by my father-in-law. He was a fantastic wood worker and this is one of his best and most treasured pieces. The Raggedy Andy belongs to my husband. 

I am sure the majority of the fabric in this quilt is from clothing worn over the years. My guess is that both of these quilts were made in the 1970s.

The blue quilt now spends its days on my bed. I love the colors and construction. I love the weight of it, too. It's a little on the small side for a queen size bed, though.

One of the projects on my list this year is to make a larger, more contemporary version of this quilt so that my bed will be fully covered and both can live there together, complementing each other.

The solid fabrics that are thrown in here and there really add to the sparkle of this quilt.

I am honored and thankful that these quilts have been entrusted to my care. Their history and beauty inspire me everyday.

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