Monday, January 28, 2013

Unfinished Project Inventory

I am a finisher. Really, I am. And yes, I'm being defensive. You'll understand why in just a second. These are my unfinished projects in their bins.

And here they are out of their bins. They aren't all pictured here. There are 37 in all. 37!!! Most of them are unfinished tops that hung in my now closed quilt shop. When the shop was open, there was a constant need to promote new fabric, a new book, or a new pattern. A quilt top was usually enough to get the message across, and that's how this stack accumulated.

I want to finish them, and will finish them, and then will probably put them up for sale in my etsy shop once they are done. On the positive side, there won't be a shortage of projects to use for quilting practice for a long, long time. My thought is that I should go on an every other project plan. Make a new project; finish an older one, though the new projects seem to grab hold of me before I decide on an older one. At least there are lots of styles and options to choose from.

This one was made while I was teaching a class based on Debbie Caffrey's patterns.

This one was made to show off a new Moda fabric group and a new book about quilting with Jelly Rolls.

This cute baby quilt top was appliqued by my friend, Holley, and was made to show off Kaffe Fassett fabric and a new book.

This bold, festive, Christmas quilt, was made to showcase Michael Miller fabrics.

And this was made from batik fabrics from a book full of charm square quilts.

Looking through these quilts is like a walk down memory lane. There are a lot of things I miss about the quilt shop, but I am happy that I can spend my sewing time doing my own thing these days. While my days as a retail shop owner are done, there's still a quilting career in my future somewhere. It's nice to explore and ponder those possibilities. It's a winding path that is bound to eventually lead to another fun adventure. Until then, I'm going to see what I can do to subtract a few from the unfinished inventory.


  1. Such fond memories! Thanks for sharing!

  2. 37!!! Thanks for sharing the number. It makes me feel a lot better. Of course, I haven't rounded them all up in a while so my number may be close to that!!!

  3. Hey, I recognize some of those tops! My problem is unstarted projects--my sketchbook is full of clever ideas that I don't have the time or the fabric for...


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