Friday, January 25, 2013

Work In Progress - Circular Reasoning

After dropping some really big hints, Santa kindly left this pattern in my stocking.

Pattern by Emily Cier of Carolina Patchwork
I am especially drawn to quilts with words and letters and this one definitely caught my eye. I don't purchase many patterns, preferring to do my own thing most of the time, but when I saw this version on Emily's blog, I was hooked.

From the blog of Emily Cier, Carolina Patchwork
This quilt will look fantastic in my office, and is something I will not tire of quickly. Her rainbow example is made with scraps, which I love, but am not willing to invest quite that much time to make. My version will use Kaffe Fassett prints instead. As with most projects, things have to get a little messy in the beginning.

I auditioned just about every Kaffe Fassett print I own and made lots of changes before being happy with my choices. One thing I really liked about Emily's rainbow example is the way the light and dark fabrics are arranged. It give the quilt a dimensional feel.

I mimicked that as best I could, knowing there would likely be more substitutions along the way.

It really makes a difference going from blobs of fabric to the actual letters. I'm liking it so far. The letters are temporarily pinned to the background. I'm not quite ready to commit to fusing them to the background just yet.

There's no rush on this project. I'm sure it will be picked up and put down many times along the way. Once I fuse the letters down, I plan to stitch around each one. I'm not sure if I'll blanket stitch or straight stitch yet. And this one will be fun to quilt, too. It might take a while, but I'll keep you posted as this work in progress continues.


  1. I love this! I love quilts with words! Bet this would look good in a diamond shape, oval, square...What do you think?

    1. What a great idea! Would love to see something like that hung as a series.

  2. It's looking great. Cant wait to see the final arrangement!!


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