Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Superhero Bags

There was a gift giving occassion some time back where we agreed that we all needed to be creative and frugal. Duane had been saying that we needed more reusable grocery totes, so that is what I decided to do for him. Now, in general, grocery bags are not exactly an exciting gift, so I needed to do something to spice them up.

Discussions around our dinner table often involve discussions of upcoming movie releases and there had been much discussion of superheros during this time. Who has the best power, who has the best costume, etc. Duane has always been a Green Lantern fan, so I knew that would have to be in the mix.

The bags are small canvas bags that I picked up on sale at Michaels. For the logos, I simply searched images online until I had all that I needed. These were traced onto two-sided fusible web, then ironed to fabric scraps that were then cut out and ironed onto the bags. There is no stitching around them so we'll see what happens once they are tossed in the wash. Maybe they'll stick, and maybe they won't. It's really not a big deal since they are easy enough to make again.

They were a big hit at home and they are always an item of conversation at the grocery store. The guys that bag groceries think they are the most awesome grocery totes ever. And I have to agree.


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