Monday, November 7, 2011

The Danger of the Half Finished Gift

Last year I gave my mom a finished quilt for Christmas. I gave my mother-in-law an unfinished quilt (the top was complete) with a promise to return it finished before the next holiday season rolled around. Honestly, the only reason my mom got a finished quilt is because I sent it out to be quilted.

The panic started to set in this year when the calendar page turned to November. While it might be time to start thinking about gift giving, I still had commitments to finish from last year. This past weekend was devoted to finishing her quilt.

I spent many hours hunched over the machine quilting away. It is finally finished.

This is my favorite block today. I rejoice at the completion of this project.

And I have learned a valuable lesson. This year, the only gifts will be finished gifts.

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