Sunday, November 6, 2011

BOM Block 4 and a Distraction

Two of the blocks in this block of the month set use templates. This is one of them.

However, I dodged making templates and used the Tri-Rec ruler. There's nothing like the right tool for the right job. I love extra pointy star blocks.

With four blocks down, I started thinking about sashing and borders. I should keep making blocks but what about the sashing and borders? I wasn't going to be able to make another block until I figured this out. My mind's eye is terrible at remembering colors. I brought home every possibility I could find. You can sort of see them lined up between the blocks.

I really, really wanted that first Amy Butler print to work but the colors were just too different *sigh*. None of these really worked for sashing. They were all too busy and took away from the blocks. I finally gave up and took the blocks to the shop. After more auditioning than I want to admit, and a fresh eye from my friend Holley, here are the winners.

The solid will be the sashing, the gold will be cornerstones and setting triangles (yes, this baby is set on point!), and the green leaf print will be the border.

Now I can get back to making blocks!

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