Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Handmade Holidays All Around The House

Handmade decorations will always be my favorite, especially when I know the maker. Here is a little tour of the handmade decorations around my home.

This is probably our oldest handmade decoration. It is my husband's stocking that he made when he was a little boy.

This tree. My mom made this when ceramics were all the rage. This was always my favorite part of decorating when growing up. Plugging this tree in and adding all the lights was when the Christmas season officially started.

I love the simplicity of this cross stitch. This is one of the first handmade Christmas decorations that I made as an adult.

When these Christmas stockings were first made, we were a family of four. The kids helped design their stockings. The additional two were made just in time for their first Christmas.

These Santas are an adaptation from a Nancy Halvorsen pattern. I love the international twist. This was a shop sample. We all selected the fabric, I cut and fused the pieces; Ruhanna hand blanket stitched them all, then passed it back to me for finishing. It is intended to go on a mantel but I drape it over the window in our kitchen.

This snowman table runner is on the coffee table in our living room. It is usually covered with stuff, like remotes and game controllers and such.

This wall hanging is another Nancy Halvorsen project. We start December 1st and add a new piece each day. This was way fun when the kids were younger and excited to count down the days. These days, we find ourselves adding two or three at a time because we forget to do it each day.

This little bag hangs close to the wall hanging and holds all the parts while they wait to be added.

The candles hang by the front door.

This bell hangs on the front door. Here is a tutorial for this project.

Nancy Halvorsen was quite popular when my shop was open. I have lots of projects from her books and fabrics. This card holder is one of my favorite projects.

Another countdown decoration. We keep up with this one fairly well. It is in a spot that gets walked by often.

This special gift was given to me by my friend Holley.  She has many talents and always comes up with special handmade gifts.

Here is another decoration made by Holley. It is a photo album and each page is made with a special paper. There are little tags between the pages to write information about the photos. 

This is one of my scrappy projects. Every holiday needs a set of coasters and a pot holder.

This fun pillow sits in front of our fireplace, when there is not a fire going of course.

This medallion quilt hangs in our dining room turned office. While it is Christmas colors, I forgot to take it down last year so it hung all year round.

Another friend, Judy, made the Santa, and my youngest son decorated the reindeer.

These hang in my entryway. They are all fused down, but never stitched. I'm safe as long as I don't wash them.

These nativity pillows sit under my grandmother's treadle sewing machine.

This quilt and pillow keep us warm and comfy all through the holidays. I see the dog had to get in on the action in the upper right corner.

This is the quilt I made for the Moda Bake Shop earlier this year. The stairway needed something and this quilt works perfectly.

This twisted wreath is the latest addition to the handmade goodness all around the house.

Wow, I did not realize how much handmade there was around my house. I am sure that this collection will continue to grow over the years. Are any of your holiday decorations handmade?

Thank you for being here with me this year. This may be my last post until the new year. I might try to sneak in one more but I may find myself enjoying time with my family. As the kids have grown, we are not often all together anymore. Everyone will be home for Christmas and I want to enjoy every moment of that time. I wish you all peace and joy as the year comes to a close. 

We will have lots of fun quilting together in the new year.

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