Friday, November 27, 2015

Cross Stitched Christmas Tree

Recently, I had some major surgery that I thought was going to keep me away from my sewing machine for weeks. As you can imagine, I was not very happy about that prospect. I am not very good at doing nothing so I prepared in advance with some small hand sewing projects like this pretty cross stitch Christmas tree. The good news is that I am recovering far faster than I ever imagined. Four days post surgery I was in the sewing room happy as could be. There won't be any large quilt projects going on too soon, but there are plenty of small ones to keep me entertained.

I started this little project while I was still in the hospital and I was excited to finish it up this week, just in time for holiday decorating to begin.

The pattern came from Pinterest. It was relaxing and easy to make.

This frame had a generic picture in it so it was ready to be re-purposed and works just fine for framing up this little project. Here is to the start of holiday decorating!

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  1. Love this tree! So sorry to hear about surgery and glad you are recovering...I know your sewing machine is calling your name!

  2. That dainty little tree looks rather handsome in that frame, Debora. Glad to hear you are recuperating more quickly than expected. That's wonderful news!

  3. Such wonderful news to recover faster than expected! I love your little tree.


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