Monday, November 16, 2015

Memory Quilt Making - Two Finished Tops

These quilt tops were made from the same set of shirts.

This quilt was also made from that same set of shirts. This one was finished and delivered a couple of weeks ago. These memory quilts are for a wife and two daughters, made from the shirts of their loving husband and father. Each quilt contains eighteen different shirts. I enjoyed making the three different designs with them.

I like the contrast of big squares and small squares in this design. Those big squares were cut at 9 1/2".

I was a little nervous about putting all these plaids right next to each other, especially since some are heavy flannel while others are summer gauze. It seems to have worked out just fine. It will be a warm, cuddly quilt.

The batting, backing, and binding are all assembled and ready to go. It might be a few weeks before I get these quilted, but they are at the front of the line for big projects. They will definitely be delivered before Christmas.

The experience of working with different weights and textures of fabric in one quilt has been a great skill to add to my arsenal. It took a few projects for me to become confident in my memory quilt making abilities, but now I am ready to take on this sort of project on a regular basis.

As each of these quilts is completed, I'll be sharing the finish along with a tutorial for how to make the quilt top. 

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  1. What great designs! I especially like the lattice. I've seen it with 'modern' fabrics -- the plaids are kind of a sly humor.

  2. These are splendid! I like that you have three different designs with the same set of fabrics too.

  3. Well done! They are all lovely!

  4. These look awesome! Three great designs. What a loving gift for this family :)

  5. Your quilts are beautiful and will be treasured!!


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