Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Scrappy Blue Kaffe Quilt

My fabric lives in open cubbies in my sewing room. It goes through various stages of organization and neatness. Here is part of it on a fairly good day.

After a while, after searching and sorting, stacking and restacking, it gets just a little messy and hard to work with. That's when it's time for a little clean up. Some days I need a break from sewing or cutting. Those are good sorting days. I recently sorted through all of my Kaffe Fassett fabric. It was very chaotic at first, but little by little it was all sorted by color.

Took two pictures to get it all in.

Usually, during this process, something starts to stand out. This time it was those rich blues. While everything else was neatly put away, those hung around on the cutting table for a little more thought.

And then I remembered some gray two inch strips that were cut for another project but didn't work. A little bit of scrap cutting and a little bit of design wall play and we have a new quilt.

I quilted it with simple cross hatch lines through the gray squares.

It's a small quilt, finishing at 22" x 25".

I like the result so much that I've cut pieces for a very similar quilt using four inch squares rather than two inch ones. It should make a nice size throw quilt. It's great to organize and stash bust all at the same time.

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