Thursday, August 21, 2014

Collaborative Quilt for a Teacher

It took two to make this quilt. My daughter wanted to make one of her friends and coworkers a quilt to thank them for making her first year of teaching so special. I helped her choose a design, then she went through my stash and chose all the fabric. We both cut, she pieced, and then I took it from there. Getting the quilt top put together is her favorite part and since I love it all, I'm happy to do the rest.

The quilting is simple, with straight lines running a quarter inch on either side of the long seams. For the focus blocks, I free motioned flowers. What, you can't see them in the picture? Here's a closer one.

You still can't see it? Neither can I, and I was about ready to skip quilting in the squares altogether. Then I turned it over on the back.

I just love the surprise of the flower on the back. Three of the six focus blocks hover around the outside edge of the quilt so they are very visible on the back. Aren't the raccoons cute?

This is the second time recently that I've gone for a lighter binding, and yellow again, too. Not sure what is up with that but I seem to be branching out with my binding choices.

So thankful for helpful children who get their arm workouts holding up quilts for me.

The cat even had to get in the game on this one. Happy for another finish!

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