Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Purple Cross Quilt Finish

It is finished. And I love it. I saw this description of the creative process on Instagram and it fits most of the things I do. It's funny to see it so well described and I am glad I am not alone...
1. This is awesome.
2. This is tricky.
3. This is sh**.
4. I am sh**.
5. This might be okay.
6. This is awesome.
This project was no different. It took a pause between the finishing of the top and the quilting. I knew that I did not want to quilt each quadrant of the quilt the same but I really had no idea what I wanted to do. Pinterest saved the day. I saw an improv block there that was quilted very similarly. Lines radiating from the center for two quadrants and echo quilting in the other two quadrants.

And the appearance of overlapping circles is pretty cool too. The special gal getting this has no idea it is finished. I will see her this Friday and can't wait to put it in her hands.

The back looks good too. Since I used basting spray for layering, I gave it a gentle wash. It has that nice crinkly look. The large circle that stands out on the back is a complete mystery to me. I did not even notice it until I saw this picture. It is interesting that it stands out when no other circle did, especially since there is no quilting around the circles.

I incorporated triangles in the upper corners of the back. A dowel should fit snugly across the top so that it can be hung if desired. I have been wanting to add this to my quilts for hanging but I am usually so excited to be at the binding stage that I totally forget. Maybe now that I have remembered once, it will stick a little better.

Another happy finish. Making quilts certainly brings me joy, creative process and all.

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  1. Beautiful Quilt I love the purples you chose. Your quilting is awesome as always!!!


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