Friday, April 26, 2013

A Lovely Year of Finishes - April Finish

Sometimes straight lines are just the right thing for a quilt. I've been practicing free motion designs so much lately that I haven't given my walking foot much use. That isn't an issue anymore; this quilt has more than made up for any lack of straight lines in my life.

I started with an "X" right through the center of the quilt, then echoed lines on all sides with a 1/4" between each one.

I had thought that I would throw in a secondary design somewhere in there, but the further along I got with the echoing, the more it seemed enough to stick with the simplicity of the echo quilting.

Thankfully, the piecing was fairly precise. The quilting lines followed the pieces in the block without being too off anywhere.

For a while, I considered turning this project into a big pillow, but decided on a wall hanging. There's this big, blank wall in my home office that now has a little something on it.

Oh, Lovely Year of Finishes, you have helped me once again check a project off the unfinished list.

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