Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Banners and Buntings


Last weekend, I came away from a quilt shop outing to Anita Heady Fiber Arts and Sewcial Studio with some essential supplies and just one fat quarter that was at a fantastic price in the clearance bin.

When I saw the cute houses on the fabric, I immediately thought "Home Sweet Home". The black rectangles are plain wood rectangles picked up at a yard sale. Duane drilled a hole in each of them and Erica painted them with chalkboard paint.

I used my Tri-Recs ruler to cut flags and then decided that a little contrast was needed and cut more flags from this black and white Kaffe spot fabric.

With right sides together, I sewed and turned the flags. A bamboo skewer helped poke those points out until they were nice and sharp. Then I cut a long rectangle, three inches wide. The edges are pressed to the center, then it is folded in half again to hide all of the raw edges.

Somewhere along the way, Home Sweet Home became an awfully long phrase, so Create became the new mantra for this project.

Each of the rectangles is tied onto the banner with red, cotton string. Erica drew the letters for me.

I beleive my favorite part about this project is that it is totally reversible.

Create on one side and Love on the other. How fun is that? Wouldn't this be cute in a baby or child's room with their name written on it? Or in a classroom with the word Learn or Grow or Inspire. So many good words to use on something like this.

I love that it is so easy to change the word to suit the occasion, or maybe there's a time when there isn't a word at all and cute drawings or doodles can be added to each rectangle.

When I walked out of that quilt shop with just one fat quarter, I had no idea that it would inspire a new project so quickly. This was fast, fun, and just what I needed for a sewing pick me up. I "Love" to "Create"!

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