Thursday, April 4, 2013

Very Pinteresting

I am crazy about Pinterest. There are so many fantastic ideas out there and sometimes it becomes almost an obsession to see what new and interesting things show up each day. The board that I keep that is my favorite is called "Pretty Quilts". I keep all sorts of inspiration there, like this
and this
and this
I realized after a while that I was so focused on finding things to pin, that I wasn't doing anything with the pins I found (other than to consider them delicious eye candy!). So, I decided to challenge myself and start doing something with all of this great information. Both Duane and Erica are Pinterest fans as well, so I thought, why not make this a family challenge.

The family part of the challenge hasn't gone so well since Erica's boards are things like "My Future Wedding" and "My Future Home" and Duane's boards include luxury items that we can't afford, like really expensive watches. Their boards just aren't quite as practically minded as mine.

Even my success has been limited, primarily to new recipes (some really good recipes!). Not to worry, though, I have plans, big plans, to pay more attention to my pins and turn some of those ideas into reality!

How about you? Do you love Pinterest? Do you use the ideas you find on Pinterest, or is it more a fun way to pass some time each day?

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