Saturday, March 2, 2013

Quilt Show Eye Candy

Every two years, the Cotton Patch Quilt Guild puts on a quilt show for our community. Though I'm not a member of that guild right now, I have been in the past, and I know how much work goes into putting on a successful show. This year, it is happening March 1-3, so if you're thinking of going, you still have tomorrow afternoon to check it out.

Erica and I headed over there today to ogle and drool over the great display of quilts. I believe there were about 180 quilts there and all of them were spectacular. I only took pictures of a few, and I'm sorry to say that not all of my pictures are super clear, so you might have to use your imagination just a little.

**Note** If you see your quilt here and would prefer that it not be shown, please let me know and I'll take it down right away.

This is only a very small sampling of my favorites.

This quilt was made by Cleo Ward and is both hand appliqued and hand quilted. I don't think I've ever seen this much hand quilting on one quilt before. 

She has some great color choices here, too. Someday, I hope to have the patience to do more hand work.

This is Sylvia Schaefer's quilt. I love this one because of its crisp colors, gentle curves, and modern appeal.

Unfortunately, I can't remember who made this one, and I'm not usually drawn to quilts with Asian flair, but the geometry of this one pulled me right in.

The fun thing about this show for me is that I know most of the participating quilters. That adds an extra element of fun in that I can try to guess who a quilt belongs to before getting close enough to read the tag. This whimsical piece was made by Fay Rawls. I used to see Fay on a regular basis and I would always learn some new quilting something or other from her. Miss you, Fay!

This quilt won best of show and was made by Terri Jarrett. I love Terri's depth of design, both in her piecing and in her quilting. Terri also has a great sense of humor. Her studio is "where the magic happens," she says. Her quilts are definitely magical.

Here's a close up of Terri's quilt. I should have put my hand up so you could see how tiny those four patches are. They finish at two inches, I think. They may be even smaller than that. It was impressive, for sure.

There was a section of quilts that were part of a one word quilt challenge: zoo. This quilt was made by Frances Arnold. Erica is a big fan of zebras so this quilt was a favorite for both of us.


This quilt was made by Marybeth Tawfik. Marybeth has a long arm quilting studio in Athens, Georgia, and has won many awards for her work. This quilt was part of a quilt challenge that required using two complementary colors.

Here's a long view of one row of quilts,

and here's another.

One of the things I enjoyed most about this show is the variety of quilts included. Often, local shows have strong leanings toward traditional or modern or some other narrow category of quilts, but this show had a very diverse range of styles, which I found both inspirational and refreshing.

Thank you Cotton Patch Quilt Guild for another great show. See you again in two years!


  1. The zebra quilt is mesmerizing!

  2. The show was great! I think two of my favs were Brenda Richardson's barn quilt and Mary Colley'sbeaded snail quilt and Denise Stanchek's Dresden which was completely hand quilted. I think that was three...


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