Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Countdown

Nancy Halvorsen was always very popular at the shop, especially her Christmas collections. This is one of the samples that I made from her 12 Days of Christmas line. I only made the 2 and the 5 since it was just for display purposes.

Last year, I displayed it at home and it always said "25 Days till." It was odd to have it displayed without any way to actually count down the days so I was determined to get the rest of those numbers made for this year.

I didn't have the exact fabrics anymore but it worked out just fine. I pulled all of the green, gold, and red from my Nancy Halvorsen stash and had plenty of fabric for the project. That is one good thing about her collections...they tend to work together year after year.

Now we are ready to count down the days in style. I've assigned the number changing to the kids. We'll see how good they keep up.

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