Thursday, November 15, 2012

Aurifil Thread Club

Once a month, I clean off my big sewing table so that it can be filled with this...

Isn't it pretty? I am the lucky hostess of an Aurifil Thread Club. Each month, five spools of Aurifil 50 weight thread are packed up and shipped out to club members. The club started for those of us who loved the idea of owning the entire collection of Aurifil 50 weight thread, but weren't so excited by the price tag of doing that all at once. We're slowly building our collections, and it's fun getting a package full of colorful thread surprises each month. Members can also add to their order each month, which is perfect for those of us who love to piece with Aurifil's neutral colors.

You can join us too! It is only $19 per month and that includes shipping. Add any large spool to your order for just $10 each. There's no deadline for signing up and you can stop any time. Aurifil is my absolute favorite thread for piecing quilts. If you are interested in joining or want more information, just leave a comment or drop me an email at Debora dot Exum at gmail dot com. Thanks for letting me share some Aurifil love with you.

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  1. I am so glad you do this for us! I love Aurifil thread!


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