Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Fabric is Good for the Soul

This year is all about using my stash. But sometimes a little taste of new fabric raises my spirits. I visited the Sewcial Studio on Saturday. It's a really cute shop in a renovated warehouse area in Athens, Georgia. To get to the shop, you enter through the nondescript green door just to the right of the big warehouse sign. There's a winding hall with various studios on either side of the hall. Sewcial Studio is on the right and has recently expanded to fill two studios.

The owner, Anita, carries some of my fusible kits in her shop, so technically I was delivering an order to her. However, there's no such thing as crossing the threshold of any quality fabric shop without purchasing a little something. It's a very small space, and Anita has done a fabulous job organizing and displaying her merchandise. It is warm and welcoming, and of course, Anita always greets you with a smile. I didn't take my camera so I don't have any inside pictures. Maybe next time!

My family was with me and it's my birthday this month, so my sweet daughter offered to buy me two fat quarters as a birthday gift. So really, I didn't buy any fabric, but I came home with some anyway!

These have been laying on my sewing table inspiring me while I work on other projects. It's the colors that appeal to me with this fabric. Citron and gray...just yummy. Today, I figured out what I want to make with them...a lunch tote. I'll be all sassied up taking a cool lunch tote made with these great fabrics. That may be a project for this weekend.

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