Friday, March 25, 2011

Dream Chair Quilts by Alethea Ballard

It's fun trying to find new, up and coming, and veteran talent to bring to the quilt shop for workshops. Most of the time we stick with the southeast just to keep down travel expenses but sometimes we get lucky and go outside those parameters. This time, talent found us! Alethea Ballard is the author of this fabulous pattern, Dream Chair Quilts. Lucky for us, Alethea's sister-in-law is a quilter who lives here in town and helped make the connection. We'll be having a Dream Chair Quilt class here on Saturday, April 9 from 10am-4pm.

Alethea sent us two quilts to display in the shop. They are so much fun! I hadn't looked at the pattern in detail before the samples got here and I was thinking they were going to be a small little wall hanging. One of the quilts is from the cover from the pattern and it is 32 inches across.

The other is a crazy Halloween chair. It looks good from the front and the back. If you can, you should stop by the shop to see these. Her stitching and embellishments are wonderful.

There are a few seats left in her class so stop by and sign up if you'd like to make your own Dream Chair Quilt.

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