Friday, July 22, 2016

Memory Quilt to Remember a Special Mom

I am making another set of memory quilts, this time in memory of a special mom. This is the first one I have made using female clothing, and this one specifically uses pajamas.

While it takes extra effort to work with the different weights and textures, I love the result in the quilt. There is so much more to enjoy from a tactile point of view. Satin and flannel, cotton knit and lightweight seersucker. To sit and hold this quilt is a real treat to the fingertips.

The pattern is a familiar one from my memory quilt making experience. I like that it showcases bigger pieces of fabric from each garment. The solid blue is Kona Evening. It is not quite this bright in real life but it certainly does make all the feminine pastel fabrics shine.

All of these pictures were taken after the quilt had been washed so it is nice and crinkly. The quilting is very simple with a line of stitching surrounding all of the pieced squares and then diagonal lines through each square to finish it off.

The thread is a Sulky Blendable. It is a pastel color way with pink and blue and yellow.

The binding is made from one of the summer gowns. It is a large floral that includes all the colors. The finishing touch is a special label honoring a special mom and wife. This quilt was commissioned by her daughter and was given to her husband. There is a second quilt in the works. It is much bigger and a pattern that I have not used for a memory quilt before. I hope to be sharing that one soon.

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  1. You did a marvelous job showcasing the prints from her gowns. I'm sure it will be well loved by her husband.


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