Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Simmer - A Finished Quilt

The first hint of cooler temperatures was in the air this past weekend so it was the perfect time to finish this quilt full of yummy fall colors. A few weeks ago, I posted about these blocks. This quilt stalled after the blocks were made. I had to set them aside to think about a layout and even if I liked them enough to keep going. Individually, most of the blocks were great, but all together, they became a jumbled mess.

Hello sashing. They just needed a little something to separate them from each other. There is a funny story about the sashing fabric. A fellow quilter was cleaning out and invited me over to assist in reducing her stash. There was a box in the corner with the label "ugly fabric". My reaction surprised me. I was almost offended that any fabric would be relegated to a box with such a label. This stack of neutral solids is part of what was in that box, which I of course had to rescue. They aren't glamorous but they certainly are not ugly and served to be quite useful in this project.

The majority of the fabric in this quilt is by Kaffe Fassett.

There wasn't enough of any single color for the back so these four one yard cuts worked nicely with their similar colors. This fabric was also pulled from the "ugly fabric" box.

Wavy quilting lines cover the blocks both horizontally and vertically. I love the grid that is formed.

A spiral was quilted on each cornerstone. The spirals on the edges and corners spill off the sides of the quilt. This is one corner before binding.

Here's a better look at the quilting from the front.

Each block is just a little over 14". The quilt finishes at 67" square.

The binding is a solid rusty color that is the same as one of the backing fabrics.

This project was the perfect start to this fall quilting season.

This quilt is available for purchase in my Etsy store.

Linking up to finish it up Friday over at crazy mom quilts and My Journey Back's Fabulous Fall Party.


  1. Looks great! The sashing is just what it needed.

  2. Wonderful quilt. I impressed with all of your finishes!!!!

  3. Love it. This quilt is beautiful. I'd love you to come over and link at The Fabulous Fall Party!

  4. Love it. Thanks for linking. Maybe I can help you sell it! Come over anytime!

  5. Thank you for your kind words and the link invite. I'm happy to join your Fabulous Fall Party link up.


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