Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Break from Sewing...to Knit

I don't knit or crochet very much but when the weather starts cooling off, I can't resist playing with a little bit of yarn. The novelty yarns are especially fun for knitting up a quick scarf and the best part is that the yarn tends to hide the stitches so it's okay if the tension isn't perfect or if a stitch is gained or lost along the way.

Each one of the four scarves shown here was made with a simple garter stitch. I love it that each one looks so different yet was made in the same way. These are all going to special homes over the next few weeks.

And I just couldn't resist crocheting a beard/mustache mask for my boys. They'll stay warm and look very manly with their full beards. Too fun.

These projects were a good addition to all the sewing I have been doing lately, and reminds me once again, that everything gets better with practice. I was feeling quite comfortable with those knitting needles by the time I got to the fourth scarf.

I plan to keep going for a while. I recently started using a knitted cotton dishcloth that was gifted to me. I love it way more than any of my other dishcloths so I'm going to keep on practicing by making a few of my own in the new year. So instead of knit one, purl one, my mantra will be...knit a while, sew a while, knit a while, sew a while.


  1. The beards are hysterical! I'm so glad you found a pattern for them.

  2. I agree with Erica...the beard is hilarious! I love to knit anfpd the scarves you made are gorgeous! Lucky recipients!


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