Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break and Some New York Beauty

My sewing room looks like this because my younger two kids are out of school all week. Since I just started a new job in January, it is a bit soon for me to take time off. They are in good hands, though. Dad is taking a spring break with them. There is a list of possible activities hanging on the refrigerator, and there has already been some progress on the list.

Adam has wanted to spend the night under my cutting table ever since it was installed, so I cleaned everything out from under it this weekend. Even though it is a large 4 foot x 6 foot space, it wasn't quite as fun as he was thinking. Both boys are getting on up there in size so tiny spaces end up being a bit more cramped than they imagined. There were a few hard head clunks and I didn't give them enough covers to stay warm through the night (it was hot when they went to bed). It was an adventure for both boys and I don't think I'll hear that request again. Check that one off the list.

Today when I went home for lunch, I was told that the trampoline "almost broke" because of all the crazy jumping. The beginnings of a bird house were under construction in the driveway, too. I think they are going to have a fun week.

I've been making small steps of progress on my New York Beauty blocks. The quilt along just started week six which means I should have 24 blocks by the end of the week. I have finished eleven and plan to focus on this project all week long.


  1. I love that pattern and your layouts. are you using all those colors?

    1. Yes, I'm using all those colors. I struggled with a color theme at the beginning of this project so I searched the internet for New York Beauty examples. My favorite ones were the ones that seemed to have every color, so that's what I decided to do. It's really fun choosing fabric for each block.


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