Thursday, October 13, 2011

Getting Ready for the Show

I am preparing to vend at the Georgia Quilt Show next week. It's my first big adventure into vending so of course it's been a whirlwind of activity. I'm going as FourKidZooDesigns which is the part of my business that designs patterns and makes no sew fusible kits.

We've been making lots of kits. Here's the very unglamorous kit making central at home. Teenagers are very good at kit assembly. I am so thankful for one who helps without complaint.

There weren't any classes scheduled at the shop until Thursday this week so I took over our classroom to mock up the booth. The interesting thing is that I won't be going to the show on setup day. Handy husband Duane and dear friend John have the honor of booth set up. I'll be staying behind to keep the shop open. It's great that they are able to take care of it for me. They will be able to work out all those little tweaks that happen during set up which will ease my stress level tremendously. I drew a map of where everything should go.

The booth is 10 feet by 10 feet. This seems like a huge amount of space to me and it took a bit to get it just right. This is what I hope the back wall will look like. I'm not exactly sure how the quilts will be hung and I'm leaving it to the guys to figure that one out. They'll take sticks, clamps, chains, and string. Some combination of those items should do the trick.

This is at the front of the booth. On top of this set up, I'll be doing fusible coaster demonstrations. Seeing is believing when it comes to fast and easy projects. Demos are also a good way for me to meet and chat with folks. You can see where I turned tables on their sides to mark the booth boundary.

In the mousepad department, I'll have kits to make your own as well as finished products.

In the center of it all will be this spinny rack, full of fat quarters. There will be a few project kits too, which you can sort of see in the cubes behind the spinny rack.

It will be fun to see how these pictures compare to the real booth. If you're going to the Georgia Quilt Show (at the Gwinnett Civic Center October 20-22), stop by and say hello. I'll be in booth 129.

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