Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Spell It With Moda - Making Progress

Twelve letters have been revealed with our Spell It With Moda project. This week we added an H, an N, and an R. To help see what it says, here it is in more hangman style:

___  ___  ___  I  ___  ___  E

T H  ___  R  E

___  S       ___  ___  ___  ___

___  N       T H E

___  ___  R  ___  ___

Those three letters made a big difference. We have one completed word and three words that are only missing one letter. There is still one word that hasn't even been started and two others that have a long way to go. There aren't anymore H, R, S, or T so don't guess those for next week. Remember, if you ask for a letter and there is one, I'll give you one. There may be more, but they won't show up until they are asked for again.

Keep those comments coming! It won't be too many more weeks before this quilt puzzle will be solved. Let's take a closer look at the fabric used in this week's letters. The fabric collection is Flow by Zen Chic. It should be available at your local quilt shop or favorite online shop in March.

We have an H in what I like to call comma fireworks green.

Next up is an N. I was a little worried about the stripe going different directions but I think it just adds to the funkiness.

Nothing like an N with personality.

Our last letter for this week is R.

Green is my favorite color and this particular green is at the top of the favorites list.

Remember, if you'd like to make something of your own, the letters are available individually on Moda's Pinterest Board.

Or, if you want a quick resource with everything in one place, check out the Spell It With Fabric booklet available at many local quilt shops and online stores. I did a quick Google search and found some great resources for purchasing the booklet.

What letters should we try for next week?

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  1. It's starting to come together...but I'm scratching my head with the first work. I'm going to just randomly guess, but what about an M?

    1. Sorry, no letter M. You can try again if you like. Thanks for playing.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, Holley. I will make an I for next week. Thanks for playing!

  3. It looks like at least one, if not two I's and at least one more E will eventually be made. What about an O?

    1. Yes, there is an O. It will be added next week. Thanks for playing.

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, there is an L. I will make one for next week. Thanks for playing!

  5. One more there another S?

    1. No S. I'll be making an I, an O, and an L for next week. Bet you'll be able to guess a good letter after you see those.


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