Monday, October 12, 2015

Quilt Progress on the Treadle Machine

When I first posted about the blocks in this quilt, I received some great feedback about the block name and its history. This block has been known by many names including Rose Dream, Endless Chain, The Broken Square, Lover's Knot, or Cactus Rose. Thank you all for your help with that. You guys are better than Google!

Mom and I had another Sunday sewing afternoon. This time we were ready for the real thing. No more practice for us. It did take us a few tries to get a good start, but once we were going, it was full steam ahead.

We took over the whole room with all of the blocks. I pinned; Mom sewed. I decided not to attempt squaring up the blocks. I did not want to disturb the hand stitching and actually, once they were all pressed, they are fairly square anyway.

In just a couple of hours, we had all of the rows sewn together. We were both surprised and a little proud of our progress. Here is the back of one of the blocks. You can really see how small scraps were sewn together to make pieces big enough for the blocks.

Look at all the extra seams in the pink fabric. The interesting thing is the piecing of the individual fabrics was done on a machine. It may have even been the very machine we are using. The assembly of the block, though, is all hand stitched.

The next step for this project is to sew all the rows together. Then we will be ready to layer it up. We need to decide on a back and may go with traditional muslin. I will be doing some studying up on pin basting. I have become spoiled by 505 temporary adhesive spray for layering my quilts but am afraid to put chemicals anywhere near these special blocks.

I'm looking forward to more progress with this special quilt.

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  1. Indeed a special project you and you mom are working on and so fitting that you both work on it!

  2. My grandmother had a treadle machine, and she let me "practice" sew on some of her scraps when I was little. I often wish I knew where it was because I'd like to sew with it today. Those blocks may be vintage, but the colors are very modern. It will be a beautiful quilt!

  3. Oh I love treadle machines. My mother-in-law has a Singer treadle machine and my grandmother has a hand crank machine. These machines are still in good working condition! It is so special to sew on these machines.

  4. It's looking amazing! It will be a fantastic quilt.

  5. Really neat pattern, and I love the size of the blocks.

  6. What a stunning quilt. How lovely to make it with you mum.

  7. I know it as Rose Dream ! I have even made a small lap quilt in this pattern and I pieced the curves by hand too! Good luck with your lovely project. Thanks for linking up to #Scraptastictuesday!

  8. I know this as Endless Chain but Rose Dream certainly sounds pretty. Such a wonderful memory to share with your mother. Thanks for including photos of piecing smaller bits together.


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