Saturday, July 5, 2014

Believe Circle Finished Quilt for May

This is a very happy quilt to add to the finished list. Even though I love yellow, it has never been my go to color for a quilt border. Until now.

The blocks for this quilt were made by the awesome stitchers that are part of the Believe Circle for do. Good Stitches. They made the blocks based on instructions I shared with them here. They did a great job and I had fun arranging and rearranging the blocks. I could never get quite happy with a full quilt of five by four blocks. So I turned it into a four by four quilt and incorporated the rest of the blocks on the back.

I've started this trend for myself of making an up sized version of whatever block is on the front of the quilt to go on the back. Sometimes it is perfect and sometimes it is a little tacky. The good news is that this quilt is going to a child and kids are very accepting of a little bit of tacky.

Originally, I thought I would stitch down either side of the stripes, then fill the negative space with some squiggly lines. Once I finished the stitching around the stripes, I decided it was enough. That it would get too busy if I kept going.

A happy quilt made by a happy quilter that will hopefully give a special child just a little something to smile about.

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