Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Table Runner

A message came my way a few weeks ago. My mother-in-law wanted a spring table runner for her dining room. I considered that an authorization for a trip to my local quilt shop, Anita Heady's Sewcial Studio. My mother-in-law loves birds. At eighty years old, she keeps a beautiful, pristine yard full of flowers and plants that attract all sorts of birds. Her sons, daughters, and grandchildren lend a hand from time to time, but for the most part she does it all on her own.

I had taken two books with me to Anita's shop. Every now and then, I find books that make me want to make every single pattern in them. These two books are like that:

I've probably made ten table runners from these books so far, and I'm always excited when an opportunity arises to make another one. This time I went with a design by Karla Alexander. It was fast and easy and did a good job of showing off the beautiful fabric.

The flowers are from her garden. She sent them home to cheer me up.

After I did this.

The colors can be used year round rather than just in the spring. And for a change, it can be turned over to the back, which is just as pretty.

 The quilting is simple, long, wavy lines.

Last time we went to visit, she made this request in person. I didn't tell her it was almost finished (and would have been finished had the awful boot not come into the picture!). It will be delivered to her on our next visit. I'll try to get some pictures of it in her dining room along with a few pictures of her awesome yard to share. So happy to have some smaller projects to work on.

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  1. Great piece and especially suited for the fabrics that you chose!! What did you do to your foot??? Hope it is better soon.


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