Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tilly Quilt - A Fast Finish

Wow, I didn't expect to finish my Tilly quilt in a day, but here it is.

This trio of Tilly projects is now complete...a recovered cedar chest, a pillow, and a lap quilt. For the quilt, I continued the large flower motif in the quilting. The first flower was quilted before the free motion foot breakage that I wrote about yesterday. The super-glued foot is working nicely so I added two more partial large flowers along the edge of the quilt and two smaller flowers to fill the blank spaces. I decided not to add a darker quilted center and stamens to each flower. I thought it would be too bold and detract from the overall project. It is bound in a dark red Kona solid.

Here is one of the smaller quilted flowers.

I tried to get a good picture of the quilting from the back, but my limited photography skills didn't allow that to happen. All of the pictures just look like a big cream colored piece of fabric. You'll have to imagine that part.

It feels great to add another finish to my quilting year.


  1. Do you take on projects from the community? I have 5 completed quilt tops that were my great grandmothers that I am lookIng to have finished.

    1. Emily,
      I do not but if you send me an email (debora dot exum at gmail dot com), I can certainly refer you to someone.


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