Where I Sew

Welcome to my sewing space, or room, or studio, or whatever. It's where I sew!

I am very fortunate to have a dedicated sewing space on the second floor of our home in a large room over the garage. When we first looked at this house, the walls of this room were a bit shocking. I was very accustomed to "builder beige" walls and the orange just made us all say, "wow". I'm not sure if the "wow" was good or bad at the time. After moving in, this room became known as "the orange room" and it has held that title to this day. I don't think we'll ever be able to paint it a different color and I have come to love the bright, cheery orange.

The light during the day is just perfect. The skylight makes all the difference. At night, it's not great, but there are two globe lights over the cutting table and I have several task lights around the sewing machine.

There is tons of storage. Between the cubbies and all the room under the cutting table, everything has a place.

And the storage under the cutting table is accessible from all sides.

I was trying to organize all of my fabric into drawers. Part way through the project, I decided I just had too much fabric so no more drawers. As projects are completed and drawers are cleared, more fabric moves in. Eventually, it will all be neat and well organized.

The drawers work really well. If I'm ready to start a new project, I can just pull out the entire drawer and put it on the cutting table. It's easy to sort through and find just the right fabric combinations without making a huge mess. Sometimes messes are fun, though.

 My sewing machine sits in a 1970s cabinet that my mom used at one time. It enables me to have a flat sewing surface which I really enjoy.

Here is the sewing cabinet in all its glory. Lots of stories that cabinet could tell.

It works good that I can keep the computer right there, too, so I can look up things quickly or keep an eye on email while I am sewing. I have a folding table that comes out whenever I am quilting a big project. It's fairly easy to move things around to accommodate big projects. My design walls are portable and hide out on the other side of the cutting table when not in use (which is a very rare thing). It's great that I can position them horizontally or vertically and I can put them wherever the light is best in the room at any given time.

My rulers and pins are an easy reach from both the cutting table and sewing machine.

Most of my thread stays in drawers but this vase holds all my variegated threads.

And the tour is not complete without a mention of the awesome quilt hanging on the wall. I hardly ever use a pattern, but this one just spoke to me. It is Circular Reasoning by Emily Cier from Carolina Patchworks. It makes a great focal point for the room.

I'd love to see your sewing space, too.

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